on-Set pRoduction

My experience working on production teams has really expanded my understanding of the broad array of work and skills it takes to get a video from the field to post-production. It has broadened my appreciation for footage I work with and my deepened my understanding of how content is transformed in editing.

I have worked as a production assistant on shoots for Cinema Libertad filming social content for Toyota Latino's sponsorship at Ruido Fest in Chicago, IL, and Big Spoon Industries on the set of Arctic Monkeys' "One for the Road" music video. My job on both projects was was to organize paperwork, control money flow to and from production team members and coordinate talent and transportation to and from set throughout the shoots.


Arctic Monkeys - One For The Road (Official Video)

This video was one of my first experiences with multimedia producing and editing, and is actually the reason I first became interested in the the field. It was incredibly fun, interacting with the Arctic Monkeys, on of my favorite bands, and watching the producers work with them for shots. This shoot inspired me so much because I didn't necessarily understand what everyone on the production team with me was doing - or really even what I was doing, until later that night as I sat with the editors. We sat underneath some bleachers on the other side of the set watching one simple scene that was shot earlier in the day, all edited and ready to go - and it was incredible. Watching the way they turned a rather odd scene into art was an very transformative moment in my understanding of multimedia editing, for me, and made me want to pursue a future in content production. 


Toyota Latino Ruido Fest Promotional Content

RuidoFest, which in Spanish means Noise Fest, was as crazy on the production side of things as it was for its ticket holders. The production was very fast-paced and every changing, all of which meant my team needed to be on our toes for the entire 3 days of shooting. The director and agency that we were working with to produce the promotional content for Toyota had the freedom to change shoots under their own creative whim. Though this could be extremely stressful for those of us working with production, it ended up being a great experience in learning how to adapt a production with only a moments notice.