Motion Graphics


Motion graphics are something I'm a bit newer to, but also something I have jumped at any opportunity to excel at. In this video, I combined a bar graph with a map which changed to indicate the growing population in British-ruled Palestine before and after the Balfour Declaration, giving viewers a better idea of just how a 67-word letter can change thousands of lives.


Things like text and documents covered in more text aren't exactly visually pleasing - on the surface. I, however, have learned several different ways that you can show text in a way that informs the viewer, but does not overwhelm them, which is displayed in this video. Here, we see and read what is absolutely necessary, while other text-rich documents are overlaid and combined in a visually pleasing, still informative way.

Text, text and more text over video



When Daniel Day-Lewis quit acting he had a lot to show for his career. That provided a particular challenge for me when it came to displaying multiple types of content at once. In this video I used several generators in Final Cut Pro beyond their original purposes to display elements in a way that showed in a visually comprehensible way just how big a deal Day-Lewis' announcement was to the film industry and his fans. 


In this video, there was a lot of information to show that simple b-roll of Historically Black Colleges and Universities would not do justice. Thus, I faced and conquered the challenge of displaying several different overlaying visuals including documents, graphics, and on-screen text. 




When do US and UK trade debacles get interesting? Apparently when chlorinated chickens are involved. This video was particularly fun to edit because of the opportunities I had to make a political story more relaxed and entertaining for the viewer using visual and audio cues in post-production.