My work showcases my ability to edit video creatively and captivatingly using several different programs, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. It also displays the multiple genres of content I am familiar with editing as well - anything from celebrity gossip to breaking news from The White House. 



At Newsy I cut together video footage, graphics, and on-screen text together with anchor tracks, audio cues and music in Final Cut Pro to create compelling videos that give a unique look at current events around the world and provide our viewers with the "news with the why." 


At tasty productions I work in Adobe Premiere Pro to combine everything you need to know about what's going on in pop culture with visuals displayed using my skills with keyframing, graphics, and green screen effects. I also contribute to script writing, shooting, and the occasional on-camera talent as well.


Video editing isn't all I can do though...

On-set Production

My experience working on production teams has really expanded my understanding of the broad array of work and skills it takes to get a video from the field to post-production. 

Coding and Design

I have experience using HTML, CSS, and some Javascript to code an in-depth website for an on-campus student organization, which has allowed me to have a deeper knowledge of website coding and design.